Why Infertile in MN ?

I chose to name my blog "Infertile in Minnesota" not because I embrace the label "infertile." Instead, I embrace that I am a daughter of Christ, as such, there is no label this world can place on me that can take away my joy, so I accept the worst of what this world wants to call me even if it means... "infertile." My joy is not of this world and so if in this world, I have to be "Infertile in Minnesota" I embrace it, for this is my path to heaven. I am not defined by my circumstances. I am defined by my Savior.

To me Minnesota represents some of my least favorite things about life- namely seemingly endless cold! So the Minnesota part is a nod to the long winter it seems like I'm wading through right now. Although, I may be experiencing tremendous suffering, I know God has plans for me to prosper and so I embrace the winter because without the winter there can be no spring.

And so it seems, this blog is about acceptance. It's about accepting the heaviest blows this world can throw, and remaining focused on the warm embrace of our gentle savior.

I have much to learn when it comes to faith. No matter what your state in life, I hope that you will join me on my journey, as I seek to know and love our Lord better.


  1. Hugs, love and prayers from San Diego.

  2. This is beautifully put. I started my infertility journey in Minnesota, and so I appreciate the literal and spiritual implications of what you wrote. God bless you, your strength is inspiring.

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that! I'm glad you've escaped this frozen tundra! :-)

  3. Our infertility journey started in Minnesota, too. I hope your life soon reflects the happier seasons, rather than the long winter.

  4. I love your story! I myself am infertile and am involved in a lot of advocacy efforts. I'd love to get in touch and share with you some ways to share your story! My email is: resolvewestmi@gmail.com