Monday, April 21, 2014

A 2 week wait

I had my peak+3 ultrasound today. I had 1.6 cm corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary and a 2.6 cm follicle on my left. Based on the presence of a corpus luteum the doctor thinks I ovulated!!!! This is a HUGE deal and a HUGE step in the right direction to overcoming luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (LUFS).

I requested a phone consult with the doctor so I could bypass the game of telephone that seems to always lead to frustration and confusion on my end. I actually got to talk to the doctor today which was another miracle. I had questions about my lack of fertile cm and what this might mean for my estrogen levels.

She didn't seem very concerned and said the bigger issue is how your ovaries respond to the hormones not the actual levels- if I understood that correctly. She said the only way to increase the estrogen levels would be through Clomid or Femara, which she does not want me on because I was hyper-stimulated by a sub-therapeutic dose of Femara.

For the duration of this cycle I am supposed to take my usual progesterone shots. The follicle on the left ovary is causing me quite a bit of pain though she said it was not an LUF.

Next cycle she wants me to take an antibiotic to help with CM (I'm allergic to amoxicillin so she's putting me on ceclor).

I asked if I should use the Neupogen next month since I missed the window for it this go around and may have ovulated anyways. She thought I might as well use it since I have it already.

My thought is that if I can ovulate with a $20 medicine, I don't want to waste a $1,000 medicine. I feel so strongly that the Holy Spirit played a huge role in me having access to this medication and if it wasn't to get me to ovulate than it has to be for another good reason- like me being able to share it with someone else who needs it. So I'm going to try just the Cytotec again next month and see how it goes.

So now begins a real 2 week wait- treading the line between hope and realism. I normally medicate my anxiety by enjoying a nice cocktail with our neighbors. Now, I have to try to be healthy the next 2 weeks... I bought myself a frozen Chicago style deep dish pizza at the store to replace my cocktail as a treat:-).

Here's hoping...


  1. This is AWESOME news!!! So so so excited for you. It's hard to give up that calming cocktail, but a pizza sounds like a great substitute :) Prayers for you guys!!!

  2. This is great news! Weirdly we both had follicles on both ovaries this month! And started cytotec at the same time. And triggered at the same time. I go in this afternoon at 3:30 to have the scan to check for LUFS. I had a lot of pain 2 days ago but none now...should I hold a shard of hope? Time will tell. If we BOTH ovulate this month, that would be incredible progress on that stupid LUFS! C'mon Easter graces!!!

  3. Oh, wow!!! Prayers!! So many prayers!! That pizza sounds delicious!

  4. Im so happy for the good news that you ovulated! ...and that you got to the doctor! Enjoy your pizza, and praying this 2 week wait goes well.

  5. Such glorious news! Prayers for you! Enjoy that Chicago style pizza - that's what I miss most about being so far from home.

  6. We are so happy for you! We really hope this is it!

  7. Wow amazing news! Congratulations on ovulating!! Praying for you during this 2ww!

  8. Here's hoping is right! Prayers coming your way.

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