Monday, February 24, 2014

Opinions needed!

I had my CD 4 ultrasound today. It is intended to make sure my LUFs from the previous cycle have resolved before I take any other fertility drugs. As usual (thank God! and progesterone!) the LUF from last cycle is gone. However, I have over 13 follicles already and 2 are already over 1 centimeter. The US technician was surprised I wasn't on Clomid based on how stimulated my ovaries looked. Does anyone know what to make of this??? (FYI I had wedge resection for PCOS in 2012). My doctor is likely swamped with more urgent things and hasn't told me what to make of the US and cycle review yet. I worry about what this means for the quality of ovulation and if PCOS is back with a vengeance. 


  1. Response I got from facebook group: Over 1.0 cm is really not so big, and none of them are dominant yet (1.4cm and over). Once one gets to be dominant size, the others will no longer grow. Remember the Intro Session slide about what happens in the ovary in a typical cycle? Oh, wait, you don't? Oh that's right, you don't see the Intro 2xweek every week for 6 yrs

  2. Facebook group resonse: I know that a couple cycles ago, peak day was CD10, and I was really concerned about it, because I got a positive ovulation test on CD9, and I thought, "There is no way my eggs are already mature!" My doctor said that that is totally fine. It's possible you are just going to ovulate a little earlier this cycle, since follicles grow about 1-2mm per day. I have polycystic ovaries and she didn't think the early ovulation had anything to do with that. Your situation could be different, but hopefully that eases your mind a little.